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Blake Street Dental | Gum Grafting in Denver

Blake Street Dental P.C.

Dr. Arnold Cullum B.Sc., D.D.S.

1732 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80202

(303) 814-2200

Gingival / Gum Grafting
Blake Street Dental in Denver CO

Gingivitis and its advanced state, periodontitis, can have a profound effect on the gums. As gingivitis progresses, more and more bacteria and plaque builds up, causing the gums to stretch. The result is large pockets, that remain on your gum line even after they're cleaned out. These pockets cause the gums to recede, which is aesthetically unpleasing and can cause an abnormal amount of tooth structure to be exposed.

Gum grafting is the corrective procedure to restore the gums to their natural, healthy state. Using soft tissue from the roof of the mouth, the receded gums are grafted. The goal is to cover the exposed teeth and root to encourage new tissue growth and enable the gums to return to their original form. The procedure is routine and involves only a minimal amount of downtime and discomfort.

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