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Blake Street Dental | Testimonials in Denver

Blake Street Dental P.C.

Dr. Arnold Cullum B.Sc., D.D.S.

1732 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80202

(303) 814-2200


With all 5 Star Reviews, It's No Wonder Our Patients Love Us


"As someone who just recently moved to Denver and was having trouble finding doctors/dentists without knowing too many people to trust for recommendations, I'm glad I went with yelp on this one. Dr. Cullum is truly a gem. He can do just about everything from advanced cosmetic enhancements to standard teeth cleanings and will work with your budget (insurance or not!) to get you the perfect smile. My teeth have never been whiter!" -Lauren M, Denver


"The office downtown is small but well-designed, very modern and tidy. It's very minimal, but the perfect size for the staff and the space. New patient visits include a full mouth x-ray, bite wings, then several photographs of your mouth and teeth so Dr. Cullum can see how your teeth look. After Dr. Cullum reviewed my paperwork with me (available on the website in advance), he actually cleaned my teeth. Yes, the DENTIST actually took the time to clean my teeth. This NEVER happens. I'm excited to go back in 6 months to see Dr. Cullum and his staff again!" -Katie P, Denver


"Dr. Cullum is truly the best.  he's extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and will walk you through exactly what is going on. They figure out what your benefits are and take care of things in the order of importance if everything won't be covered in a calendar year.  the location and office are also great.  Highly recommended!!" -Tara R, Denver


"Dr. Cullum is my favorite- he is always so friendly and relaxed, conversation is always fun, not forced. He knows what he is doing and has been working with my finances to get my teeth to where they need to be. I recently started invisalign-like brace trays, but at the fraction of the cost. I've seen so much of an improvement after 6 weeks, it's really exciting! Lastly, he is really flexible with my work hours. Sometimes I have to cancel right before appointments (which I hate doing and think is rude) but he never makes me feel that way and is happy to re-schedule. He has offered to take me at 6:30 pm, which has been a huge help. As weird as it sounds, sometimes I look forward to seeing him, he's a cool guy!" -Maryah, Denver


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